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The Home Team

DIRECTOR Camille Pendley, Laura Asherman

PRODUCERS Wayne Kendall, Tracy Bates, Forage Films, Carmelle Kendall

“Just because people are not always the richest people in the land, you shouldn’t question the importance of the communities that they’ve made for themselves.
These people have been in this community for over 100 years. Why isn’t that important? ”

A documentary film about the residents in the shadow of Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium. This film shines a light on a subject much more in need of attention than football: The glaring inequity highlighted by a state-of-the-art venue across from a historic neighborhood whose demise we’ve allowed for decades.

We — Atlanta — have let these neighborhoods become an eyesore of the city, the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. This film explores the culture that saw fit to invest hundreds of millions of public dollars in a sports venue while neglecting the community just across the street. 

The score for this documentary was primarily classical based to aggrandize the polarizing extremes of a billion dollar stadium in a neglected community. Other times, the score plays southern gospel undertones to reflect and pay tribute to the history of Atlanta.